Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Romantic Fashion from CatWorld

Spree Closed. Thank you for your Support!
23 June 09: Orders arrived in Singapore!
21 May 09: Processing Orders.

Closing Date: 20 May 2009

Please click on logo below to see all spree items

Important: Please check stock availability before you order by referring to the grey box (refer to below image) located at the bottom of each item page.

How to Tabulate the Total Price of an Item in SGD:

Total Price (SGD):
Item Price(NT)/20 + Shipping & Handling Charges in Taiwan* + Local Postage (Normal or Registered Mail)

*depend on type of item, refer to table (right) on order form

For Example:
Item: Top
Price of Dress: 290NT
Mode of Delivery: Normal Mail
Total Price (SGD): 290 NT/20 + 3.00 SGD + 1.50 SGD = 19.00 SGD

How to order:
Please use the excel order form provided here.
Complete it and email to us at spreeisfun@gmail.com

Click here to download order form.

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