Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kids Spree YarnLing2!

Spree Closed. Thank you for your Support!
12 Jun 09: Items arrived in Singapore! I will be contacting you soon so please check your emails regularly.
08 Jun 09: On its way to Singapore!
01 Jun 09: Processing Orders.
Click on above Image or here to access the Spree Items!
Closing Date: 31 May 2009

How to Tabulate the Total Price of an Item in SGD:
Total Price (SGD):
Item Price(NT)/20 + Shipping & Handling Charges in Taiwan* + Local Postage**
*depend on type of item, refer to table located on the right of order form

** can either be Normal Mail or Registered Mail or MeetUp (free!) Meetup is at Bugis (wkday) or Tampines (wkday/wkend).

For Example:
Item: Dress
Price of Dress: 120NT
Mode of Delivery: Normal Mail
Total Price (SGD): 120 NT/20 + 4.00 SGD + 1.50 SGD = 11.50 SGD

How to order:
Please use the excel order form provided here. Complete it and email to us at
Click here to download order form

Please check stock availability before ordering. Scroll down to see the stock chart as shown below for every item:

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